Art Direction & Design    |    Agency: BORN

Cosmedix is a professional skincare brand that was coming across as clinical and intimidating at the time. They wanted their brand to be more approachable to better reflect the clean, gentile formulas they create. The new site needed to be approachable while keeping efficacy and skincare science at the forefront.

While Cosmedix didn't have an abundance of lifestyle photograhy, they were doing a beautiful job with their Instagram content. I made sure to integrate this content into the product grid to help showcase products.

Their unique way of photographing articles in phones to showcase press on Instagram worked beautifully on the site.

We also utelized Cosmedix’s own instagram feed to create a shoppable area that encourages product discovery.

Product texture helps users to navigate through multiple categories. Product hovers also show product texture, bringing the customer closer to the in-store experience.

The blog highlights special ingredients, speaks about skincare science and educates in the absence of a live aestetician. Imagery is natural and human; supporting Cosmedix’s image as a gentle and green skincare brand.

The product detail page informs the customer when and how they should apply the product. The 'Complete Your Routine' section helps customers navigate around the product they are currently browsing to find a complimentary regimen.

The shopping experience on mobile is clean & painless to navigate. 

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