Art Direction & Design    |    Agency: BORN

PurMinerals dropped the “minerals” to become PÜR, choosing to take the brand in a bolder direction to distance themselves from their more "natural" roots. Our strategy team understood that makeup is no longer about finding your signature look, it's about embracing who you want to be today. That sentiment helped to shape the areas of the site that would inspire the customer.

The homepage shows the breadth of product, inspires and encourages product discovery with featured looks, products and user generated content.

Cosmedix were pros at creating beautiful content for instagram. We used this content to provide some nice visuals in areas like press that often go undesigned.

Every interaction of the product tiles were designed great browsing experience. Hovering gives you a view of the product's texture.

Clicking "more +" in the upper-right expands the swatch palette so you can easily see all of the shades available. Clicking the swatch changes the shade of the product you are looking at, making it easy and painless to browse.

Integrating catergory blocks into the product grid gets the customer browsing product without much noise to scroll through, orients them through multiple sub-categories and adds a unique visual touch to the page.

A very visual product filter helps customers find the right shade.

The product detail page is hard-working, providing professional education around product application.

We modified the "suggested products" section of the product page to make sure the site suggests complimentary products the way someone at PÜR would, by suggesting what should go over and under the product you are interested in.

The blog is a great opportunity to showcase PÜR's makup professionals with shoppable, inspirational content. 

Usually press pages are a throwaway, a graveyard for magazine clippings. We decided to make the press page a shoppable showcase of featured products.

Providing the same level of inspiration and interaction on the mobile site was paramount. 

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