Walmart InHome

Art Direction, UX, Design    |    Walmart

InHome is a service that allows Walmart Associates to deliver groceries and prescriptions directly to your counter and fridge. I joined the team in 2019 to lead the creation of their website and ended up working on the app, partnerships, in store signage and more. Here are some of my favorite projects.


Initial website ideation: Building empathy

Before we entered the design phase for the website, I started blocking out the information architecture and added a user journey layer to try to imagine what the user might be feeling and what sort of content might help them have a positive first impression of InHome as a service.


Initial website ideation: wireframes

I started creating lo-fi designs for various sections of the site to see what was working well.

Pitching to Airbnb / Vrbo

InHome pitched a pilot in Vero Beach, FL to the two vacation rental giants. Airbnb or Vrbo could offer InHome as an exclusive amenity that certain "superhosts" can provide to guests. Hosts would recieve 4 months of free deliveries that they could use to stock their property with supplies while they are away.

Guests are given a link to the host's mini shop where they can shop a curated selection of items from the Walmart closest to the rental property. The items are then billed to the guest's stay, no payment required up front and when the guests arrive, the kitchen counter and fridge are stocked with everything they need. 

Rethinking the PDP

We had a problem with customers abandoning our product page (slide 1). The page was designed to check eligibility since the InHome service is regional. It was simple and to the point, but there weren’t many familiar purchase patterns for customers to follow. In addition, the address checker was a wall, hiding the details and price of membership. 

I reimagined the PDP by applying some familiar product page patterns and made the address checker dismissable so customers could still view the details of the service, even if it wasn't yet available in their neighborhood. I created a pitch for redesigning the product page to leave with my fellow design team members before I moved to the Conversational Commerce team.